The Journey That Led to My Passion For Sports PR

Today, I am going to write about a crazy journey that sparked my passion for sports public relations. When I first started PR, I had no clue where I wanted to go with my degree, but after this journey it became clear to me.

This journey came to an exciting end at the beginning of this year, and has become a huge aspect of life. This short narrative is about my journey to become a member of the University of Oklahoma pom squad.

How It All Started:

It all started about two years ago when I first auditioned for the OU pom squad in the spring of my senior year. This was something I worked incredibly hard for, but in the end it did not work out.

Although the disappoint of not being selected for the team consumed me for a couple of days, I quickly made a decision to not let this get me down, but instead let it propel me forward to work even harder. As I began my first year at the University of Oklahoma, this dream was still alive in my mind and something I wanted to do, so I decided I was going to give it one more try.

My first year of college was full of changes: a jam-packed schedule, hard classes and so many new people, but overall it was going awesome. Although I was having so much fun, I never knew how hard it would be to keep this dream alive and prepare to make the pom squad.

Many times I second guessed if it was worth it to continue working towards this goal, but after some reflection, I decided to fully pursue this dream and I came back ready to work. As the final auditions came around in April of 2016, it was my time to shine and show all of my hard work.

When the tryouts concluded I was very pleased with how the weekend went, and I left feeling very confident. A few days later when the results came out, I struggled to find my number on the list and realized I had not been selected for the team once again. This was extremely tough to process, but after a year at OU I had realized that there was a lot more that I wanted to do, so I eventually moved on.

When Everything changed:

However, everything changed the first week of my sophomore year. It all changed with one phone call.

It was the second week of school in the fall 2016 and I had just finished my second day of classes. Just as I arrived at home, my phone rang and in disbelief I saw that it was the OU pom coach calling me. I quickly answered the call and received the news of a lifetime. After a short greeting she explained that due to the circumstances of the team there was an open spot and she would love for me to fill it. I was at a complete loss for words and beyond excited.

The next day I attended my first practice and although it was challenging, it was so surreal and I loved every minute. Even with strange circumstances, the team was so sweet and welcoming and I felt right at home.

From that day on, I have been filled with so much gratitude and appreciation to have a spot on the team. So far it has been the experience of a life time and I cannot wait for what is to come. Standing on the sidelines is a feeling like no other and I am so proud to say that I am a member of the OU Pom squad.

How This Led to My Love for Sports PR:

This journey not only taught me so much about myself, but led to my interest in sports public relations. Due to the extensive journey it took me to earn my spot, I ultimately appreciated it that much more and always tried to take it all in.

As a member of this team, I have had a front row seat to many sporting events for the university, so I have had the privilege to see all aspects of each game. This includes observing the marketing strategies, audience interaction and overall experience the game offers. As much as I love getting to dance on the sidelines, I would absolutely love to work in the industry of sports public relations. I am so grateful that through OU pom, I have had the opportunity to discover this.

I hope that this has helped my readers learn more about an important part of my life and what led to my interest in sports public relations.



Photo by Aaron Gilliland