My Solar Eclipse Experience: Observations, Response and Reflection from a PR Standpoint

On Monday, August 21st, I had the pleasure of witnessing my first solar eclipse, and it was something I will never forget.

Prior to this event, I researched local articles in order to be fully prepared and knowledgeable on the details of the day. I found an  editorial article from The Norman Transcript by the transcript’s editorial board on tips and facts about the solar eclipse. After reading and analyzing the article, I felt well-prepared to take on this exciting day.

I attended a solar-eclipse watching party on the South Oval hosted by the Jeannine Rainbolt OU College of Education. The event took place from 11:30 am to 1:30 pm, and included corresponding snacks and beverages. The event also had flyers and information on organizations and other events sponsored by the College of Education.


A quick snap shot of the event held at the College of Education


I attended the event with some friends of mine and the event lasted for about an hour. While witnessing the eclipse, we wanted to apply the tips and facts from the article, so each of us made sure to use a pair of NASA approved glasses and never looked for too long. We also looked for certain characteristics that were discussed in the article. By reading the article beforehand, my experience was definitely enhanced in a positive way.

Making use of my NASA approved glasses.

From a PR Standpoint, the College of Education benefitted greatly from sponsoring this event. By handing out flyers and having volunteers in the area, the exposure to the college and all that it has to offer was expanded greatly. This was a smart PR strategy that I think the college of education will benefit from greatly. Personally, by just quickly looking over the flyer, I learned so much about different ways to get involved here at OU through the college.

Overall, this rare and spectacular sight made for an unforgettable day and is something I will always cherish. Seeing how many of my fellow sooners also experienced this event made the day even more special.