Creating A Special Event Video

When class time falls on the same day as Halloween, my professor decided to take full advantage, so this week in class we were asked to create a Halloween video. This video was to be 15 seconds long and reflect the holiday through a special event or specific theme.

At first, my partner and I were feeling intimidated by the broadness of this topic, but once we started to brainstorm some ideas, we began to feel more confident. Although I was nervous at first, the creativity of this assignment also excited me.

Once my partner and I bounced some ideas off of each other, we settled on the idea of a tutorial-style video. Since most of the costumes in class were made last minute, we made a “top 5 best last minute costume” video. We included interviews with classmates as examples in the video.

To create the video we used IMovie and overall found it pretty easy to navigate. Once we finished our video, both of us were pretty happy with how it turned out.

This assignment definitely helped to improve my PR skills. I was forced to think creatively on my feet and use a new video software as well. I will strive to use these skills in all the work that I do.

Personalizing Social Media for My Client

This week in class, we were asked to create a “shell” of a new Facebook page for our client. This page was meant to be more personalized and unique from the existing page of the client, since most clients already have a live page.

I was excited to dive into this assignment since social media is one of my favorite things to experiment with in the realm of PR. First, I analyzed my client’s existing Facebook page. Currently, my client has a live page but it is for the entire OU Spirit Program rather than just the all-girl cheer squad. Using this information, I decided to make a page exclusively for the team.

I strived to make this page unique and cohesive with the brand I have developed for the team with the photos and colors I chose. Overall, I was happy with how my page turned out and I am excited to continue to develop this page.

Below I have attached an image of the shell I have created so far:

I will definitely use what this assignment taught me for all I do in Public Relations.

Up Close and Personal with the OU All-Girl Cheer Squad

This week’s assignments were some of my favorites yet. Not only were we asked to create a logo, but we also planned our experiences for taking pictures and videos of our clients.

First, we had to create a logo that reflected our client. This is something I struggled with a first, but after some experimenting and reflection, it was something I greatly succeeded with. I enjoyed getting to experiment with different color schemes, layouts and icons while forming my logo.

Next, came the photos and videos. For me, this aspect has been the most exciting up to date. After speaking with my client contact a few weeks ago, I organized a time to take pictures of the team in action.

Lucky for me, since I am existing member of OU Spirit, I was granted field access for the game and got to be up close and personal with the team for one of the quarters. Game day is one of the my client’s specialties, so getting to have a front row seat to this was very insightful.

Below is a picture that I was lucky enough to snap on the field.

Hannah shines brightly over the student section while leading the “Boomer, Sooner” chant.

Overall, I was extremely happy with how my assignments worked out, even though they may need some improvement.

One thing that stuck out to me in completing all of these projects, was the theme of keeping the key message consistent and clear in the media I was creating. Since all three of theses assignment only included minimal words, I had to discover alternate ways to portray the message visually. I will definitely keep this idea in mind in all of my future work.

Investigating the History of OU All-Girl Cheer

For our assignments this week, we were told to create a brand story for our client. This point of this story would be to express the spirit and essence of the client, and inform the public on how they came to be.

At first, this was something I struggled with. Although I was excited to dig deep into the tradition and origin on my client, I was struggling to find details on their background. All of my information was mainly from my contact, and the history I found in my research was extremely broad.

However, I decided to use this to my advantage. After finding extensive history on game day at OU, I decided to approach my story from this perspective. I shaped my story around the game day experience, and how it would not be the same without OU All-Girl Cheer, and I emphasized the old traditions they followed.

I ended up being very happy with how my story turned out. My backgrounder told the story and significance of sooner game day, while giving credible facts as well. In the end, I believe this approach was even more relatable for my publics and will work in my client’s favor in the end.

I will use what I learned from this project in all that I do in Public Relations, and I will strive to be conscious on the type of approach that will best work for my public in future assignments.

To give more insight on how my client has evolved, I attached an image below of one of the first cheer squads here at OU.

For more information on the history of the squad, please visit their official website.

Creating Infographics- OU All-Girl Cheer Squad

This week in class our assignment was to construct infographics for our client. I was extremely excited to begin this project and it was something that I was looking forward to. Now that I had compiled a good amount of research and analysis, I was excited to apply it in a creative way.

I was slightly intimidated by the software that I needed to use to complete this project, since I had only used it once or twice, but I once I started I got the hang of it. The website that I chose to use to best create my infographic was PiktoChart.

I was pleasantly surprised with how both of my infographics turned out. Although they will need some improvement and tweaking, I was overall pleased with my work.

I will definitely use the skills that I acquired in this assignment in all my work in PR and life in general, and I am excited to continue to learn new ways to form media for my client.