My Peer Review Experience

This week, our main task in class was to peer review each other’s revised drafts of all of the media we have been working on this semester for our client.  After putting together all of our work, I was excited to receive unbiased feedback that I could use for my client launch. Also, I was eager to see my classmate’s work and learn more about his or her client.

In the peer review, we were asked to answer a few questions for each assignment. These questions included things like first impression, writing style, strengths and weaknesses.

These questions worked as a helpful guideline to thoroughly peer review my partner’s work. To make sure I benefited my partner as best as possible, I also critiqued format and design aspects.

I was overall very impressed with my partner’s work and learned many new interesting facts about her client, The Earth Café and Deli. Second, I greatly appreciated her feedback after she looked at my work.

As I finish polishing my work, I will definitely take all of her notes into consideration and work to make my launch the best that I can .

Preparing For My Client Launch

In class this week we did not have any specific assignments, however we began revising and preparing our work for the client launch coming up soon. This seemed daunting at first, but as I started to look over my work, my mood quickly shifted.

Although perfecting all of these pieces of media can be overwhelming, I began to feel excited to see all of my work come to life. While completing this assignment, I will definitely keep this in mind and strive to show my passion and hard work in all that I do for my client, the OU All Girl Cheer Squad.

Other things I plan to keep in mind during this process include continuity, credibility and character. As for continuity, this means making sure that all of my work is cohesive and that I am keeping up a strong and recognizable brand. Next, I want to make sure that all of my work is credible and informative. Lastly, I will make sure that all of my work has character. For example, I will make my work intriguing, balanced and exciting for the publics to see.

My Social Media Profiles

This week in class we were asked to investigate more into some of our own social media profiles. In the assignment we were called to analyze some of the steps that were taken when creating the profiles.

Although this was slightly intimidating at first, I was excited to take a deeper look into developing my social media on a professional level.

I started with LinkedIn. This site mainly just had questions such as biographical information, a picture and contact. However, it also asked for components like education and work background. This is done so that potential employers can see who the potential employee is on a professional level. It is also built to help members make similar connections with one another and network through the job world. I think that this media was much more thorough than canvas.

Next, I began to develop my twitter profile. One of the first things I noticed is the increased freedom of expression in the content it provides.

As for my twitter profile, I will focus mainly on PR and AD news with an emphasis in Sports PR since that is the field I am hoping to go into. I will also emphasize topics that are relevant to the University and surrounding areas.

Social Media is a key part of PR, and by improving these skills, I will become a better PR professional.

Creating a Speech for My Client

In class this week, we were asked to create a draft of a speech for our client and visuals to accompany it. The speech was to be specific to an event for our client and have purpose and meaning.

As soon as I begin brainstorming, I knew exactly what I wanted to do. Since so much of my material has featured my clients “sidelines”, I wanted this speech to emphasize another aspect of the team, their journey to UCA Nationals.

Every December, there is a “nationals showcase” to showoff the team’s routines before they head off to Florida to compete. I figured this would be the perfect event for my speech, to be delivered by the head coach.

This speech would reflect the team’s hard work and commitment, goals for the competition, and values they strive to portray. I will especially emphasize these values and explain the positive impact they will have on a national stage.

After drafting an outline and some ideas, I was overall happy with how my work came out, and I cannot wait to continue to develop this speech into one that is meaningful and inspirational.

This assignment taught me that when you have such a great opportunity to speak in front of so many others, you must make the message strong, not only in structure but in content. The message must reach farther than just the basics, and really ignite a spark in the audience. I will definitely apply these ideas to all of my future assignments.