Analyzing My Client and Its Competitors

This week I had the opportunity to investigate my client’s current online standing and popularity through the search engine, Google and Google Trends. This research was extremely insightful, and truly helped me to better grasp how I can be the best PR practitioner possible for my client, The OU All-Girl Cheer Squad.

First, I tested the popularity and exposure of the team by searching different topic about the team. Starting with searching the team by name, and then expanding and narrowing the search from there. Some of these results greatly surprised me and caused me to reevaluate my goals for the team and how I would achieve them. After this research, I will strive to expand the network for the team, highlight what makes them stand out, and add to the team’s online presence, so they can rise above their competitors and increase support and exposure.

Second, using Google Trends, I analyzed the times of interest and popularity that the field my client falls under is mostly searched. I also investigated the regions where college cheerleading is most popular and interest is highest. Below is a graphic that highlights the peaks where interest was the highest and lowest.

High and Low Points of Interest for College Cheerleading

This was my favorite part of the assignments this week, because it forced me to look at my client from a different perspective. It also helped me to better strategize how I would take the team to the next level from a PR standpoint.

Also, this research gave me the opportunity to connect my finding and PR knowledge to personal passion and experience. One of my discoveries was that the highest peak of interest falls around the same time and the Universal Cheer Association National Championship. This is something I have attended before, so being able to apply my own experience and knowledge was even more helpful and insightful.

Lastly, through research and experience, I discovered that the squad placed 6th and made it to the final round at the championship this past year. This is something I would not have known otherwise, and it is a key piece of knowledge that I can use to better promote my client and make them the best they can be.

For a live video of this years performance at UCA Nationals, feel free to visit the Varsity Spirit Homepage.



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