Investigating My Client Through The Media

As I concluded the beginning stages of my client research, I had the opportunity to dig deep in investigating my client’s presence in the media and what that meant from a public relations perspective. I performed a media audit and S-W-O-T analysis on my client, and made many insightful discoveries.

In the media audit, I searched and analyzed the amount of hits I received when searching my client by name, leader name and field/industry. I started with local search engines such as The OU Daily and The Norman transcript and then broadened my search by using Lexis Nexis and analyzing my client’s social media accounts. Lastly, I searched for my client through an ethnic medium focused on the Native American culture.

Below is an image from one of my searches with the OU Daily. Here I received almost 600 hits:

Overall, these diverse searches helped me to gain insight on not only my client but PR as a whole. I was able to form new perspectives and I believe that I now have a good understanding of my client’s current media standing and how I can strive to improve it.  

As for the S-W-O-T analysis, it was extremely helpful to be able to analyze and break down the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats and how they will affect my client.

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