Personalizing Social Media for My Client

This week in class, we were asked to create a “shell” of a new Facebook page for our client. This page was meant to be more personalized and unique from the existing page of the client, since most clients already have a live page.

I was excited to dive into this assignment since social media is one of my favorite things to experiment with in the realm of PR. First, I analyzed my client’s existing Facebook page. Currently, my client has a live page but it is for the entire OU Spirit Program rather than just the all-girl cheer squad. Using this information, I decided to make a page exclusively for the team.

I strived to make this page unique and cohesive with the brand I have developed for the team with the photos and colors I chose. Overall, I was happy with how my page turned out and I am excited to continue to develop this page.

Below I have attached an image of the shell I have created so far:

I will definitely use what this assignment taught me for all I do in Public Relations.

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