Up Close and Personal with the OU All-Girl Cheer Squad

This week’s assignments were some of my favorites yet. Not only were we asked to create a logo, but we also planned our experiences for taking pictures and videos of our clients.

First, we had to create a logo that reflected our client. This is something I struggled with a first, but after some experimenting and reflection, it was something I greatly succeeded with. I enjoyed getting to experiment with different color schemes, layouts and icons while forming my logo.

Next, came the photos and videos. For me, this aspect has been the most exciting up to date. After speaking with my client contact a few weeks ago, I organized a time to take pictures of the team in action.

Lucky for me, since I am existing member of OU Spirit, I was granted field access for the game and got to be up close and personal with the team for one of the quarters. Game day is one of the my client’s specialties, so getting to have a front row seat to this was very insightful.

Below is a picture that I was lucky enough to snap on the field.

Hannah shines brightly over the student section while leading the “Boomer, Sooner” chant.

Overall, I was extremely happy with how my assignments worked out, even though they may need some improvement.

One thing that stuck out to me in completing all of these projects, was the theme of keeping the key message consistent and clear in the media I was creating. Since all three of theses assignment only included minimal words, I had to discover alternate ways to portray the message visually. I will definitely keep this idea in mind in all of my future work.

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